At Nature, our approach to all studies is brief-led and not methodology-led, resulting in clear and compelling insights that directly inform our clients' decision making.

  • Industry Expertise
  • Methodological Expertise
Wealth management
General insurance
Social and government
Identifying and understanding consumer segments, including attribution of segments to corporate databases where applicable.
Case Study - 2014 ESOMAR Global Research Effectiveness Award Finalists
Digital Deepdives
Digital is an increasingly central part of a lot of our work, and in some instances is the sole focus of key projects.
Case Study - Digital Segmentation in Financial Services
Informing pricing strategy, pricing architecture, value-based pricing, price elasticity, and willingness to pay, through a range of methods.
Case Study - Juice Pricing Research
Brand and communications tracking
Tracking brand health and engagement, and measuring advertising effectiveness.
Case Study - Medibank
Using category deepdives and U&As as the foundation for brand development, often including needs-based and/or attitudinal segmentation.
Case Study - Laundry & Dish Detergent U&A
Trade off methods
Using trade-off methods such as conjoint analysis and discrete and volumetric choice modelling to predict the market share, revenue and profit implications of changing the product, service and pricing elements of brands and products.
Customer value analysis
Applying Customer Value Analysis to inform pricing and positioning strategy development.
Customer experience and advocacy
Understanding the customer experience with a view to improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and lifetime value.
NPD Screening
Informing the new product development process through concept screening and volumetric forecasting.
Strategic & tactical testing
Performing tests of strategic and tactical matters such as value propositions, branding, labels, visual identity concepts, and on-pack claims.
Brand positioning
Informing brand positioning by providing insight into the position occupied by brands in the mind of the consumer, in the context of what drivers consumer disposition towards brands.