Australians’ vaccine attitudes get tough: Calls for restrictions on unvaccinated people

A new survey by leading strategic insights consultancy Nature of 1,000 people nationally has found Australians are getting increasingly hardline in their attitudes about restrictions for non-vaccinated people.



One rule for vaccinated people, another for everyone else

  • 53% agree that people should only be allowed to public events if they are fully vaccinated
  • 54% of people agree that people who choose not to be vaccinated should not be allowed to travel interstate
  • 50% of people agree that employers should be allowed to insist on their workforces being fully vaccinated
  • 26% of people think they should be to do whatever they want when they are fully vaccinated but 43% disagree


Breaking the rules

  • Of the people surveyed who are in lockdown, 9% said they had broken their local lockdown rules in the previous week.


Let COVID run free?

  • 58% disagree with letting COVID roll on rather than introducing further lockdowns, yet 19% support the idea


Vaccines and ages

  • 45% of people think it is unfair that under 40s cannot be vaccinated
  • 68% of people think vaccinations should be open to all people regardless of their age


How governments are doing

  • 58% agree that NSW Premier Glady Berejiklian’s slow response is responsible for the prolonged lockdown in NSW and the evolving situation in Victoria
  • 64% of people say the Federal Government should be held responsible for the poor vaccine rollout
  • But 41% think the Federal Government has done a very good job of leading Australia through the pandemic so far
  • 68% agreed that now, more than ever before, is the time we need to follow the rules laid down by our leaders

Nature’s Managing Partner, Chris Crook, said: “It’s interesting to see that, in light of recent events, Australians are feeling very strongly about those who are unwilling to get vaccinated. Specifically, a particularly large portion of Australians agree that there should be one rule for those vaccinated and another for everyone else, affording greater freedoms to those who are.

“This hardline stance is made particularly clear by the fact 50% agree employers should be able to insist on workforces being fully vaccinated.

“A more curious finding, is that 70% agree that ‘Now more than ever before is the time we need to follow the rules laid down by our leaders’, which speaks to Australia being a rule compliant nation despite the majority agreeing the Federal Government’s management of the pandemic has been poor, and in NSW in particular, that Gladys Berejiklian’s actions are directly to blame for the prolonged lockdown.”

The survey sample was representative of the national population. Polling was conducted 20 to 22 July.